New Website and Blog

As you may noticed I moved all my sites from wordpress to manakeep. Also my DevBlog will be here from now on. I will not move my old posts over here, since I think there isn't too much value. But if you want to access the old posts you can do it via this link: Old Blog posts

New Website with manakeep

Lets talk about the cool new stuff. We have ssl now on every page! First of all I want to say Manakeep is absolutely great for Indies and you should definitely check it out. The configuration for the sites is so much easier than handle everything on your own. The templates are very cool for indie games and you can customize a lot. But for me the best part is the communication with Manakeep, I was able to request a lot of features and get a lot of help for setting up my pages. So I can only repeat myself go for and check it out for yourself. There is a 7 days trial option as well.

Upcoming topics

The last weeks I was very busy with reskinning Flat Fat Cat to Space Unicorns. Now Space Unicorns is released and I have some time to focus on new things and projects. Of course the main problem the lack of money remains, but I made some minor progress. I was able to generate some revenue with Steam and Space Unicorns also started very well. I want to thank all of you guys for your support at this point!
Today and tomorrow I will focus to get the new websites working and change all urls etc. for the rest of the week I want to integrate the achievements feature into the steam version of Flat Fat Cat.

For the end of January I plan to spend some more time on Timbertales, since it is still in early access and I haven't spend too much time on it the last weeks. After that also a new project is possible. So make sure to follow me, ask questions or give feedback :)