About me

My name is Thorben Rackow. I dedicated my life to challenges. Since I was a boy I loved to compete with others in video games. I am the founder of Rainware Software, an indie game studio located in Germany.
Game development is my passion and challenges me everyday!

“My absolute favorite games are: Starcraft, Path of Exile, World of Warcraft” (And I spent too much time on those)

They gave me a lot of inspiration to develop my own games.

What makes me unique as indie game developer?

I started my career in a company distributing browser games with a pay to win mentality. I absolutely hated it.
So I came up with the idea to create my own games on a fair business model.

Timbertales was the first and best example. We took a well known genre and mixed it up with a wonderful nature setting and complex mechanics.

With Flat Fat Cat as second release we entered the mobile market and showed that we are able to make unique mechanics and combine them with a lot of fun.