Back to life – Rearrange the shambles


I am back to business and wanted to inform you about some updates, whats happening and where the fuck I was the last weeks :)

Let us start with the best news my daughter Luna was born 3 weeks ago and she is very lively and healthy. That said I needed some time to adjust my daily business and reorganise my working time.

Today I was finally able to spend some time on my working place again!

Of course I made up a strategy in the mean time, how I want to proceed with my Indie Business Rainware and our ongoing project Tera Lo Mania, after the unsuccessful Kickstarter.

What can you expect for the future?

First, I will continue on the project and there will be a lot of changes upcoming within the next weeks!

I will also change my focus for marketing efforts to my Patreon-Site and my website to use those sites as community hub. Instagram, Facebook won't be maintained much more from my site, since it takes too much effort and it isn't worth for me at all. I will stay on Twitter and just shoutout some bits of informations without any real schedule. That means if you want to support me in future and you want to make sure to receive all informations as soon as possible you should definitely become a Patreon, because I will put the most time for updates, videos and news on Patreon first.

If you can't spare any money or you don't want to become a Patreon the second best place for information is my website and mailing list.

That said make sure to follow me on Patreon for more updates and news. I will post a lot within the next days with more informations about our strategy with more details about the changes to TeraLoMania.

I hope to see you there :)