My dev diary#4 – Gathering resources

The screenshot for today looks a bit weird, because of the placeholder images, but there is a lot ongoing. I would like to explain everything a bit more in detail.

The red men on the bottom

While he looks a bit lost in the screen, he represents our selected unit. Since we are able to select more than one unit per rectangle select. We need to display somehow which units are select. I will use a similiar system to Warcraft 3 later on, which means it will of course show the health of the unit in the selection, but also there is one inventory and skills shown. This selection will be able to be toggled later on. Let's face the next change

The black progress bar over the head of one man

This bar represents the gathering progress. While this man is gathering flint stones we need to indicate how far he is already. I already implemented a basic system to gather gatherables and store them in a very simple inventory.

Right corner black panel

Just shows a container, which will be used for the interface later on. The content needs to be updated by the selected item. And last but not least ...

The tree stomp

This represents a placeholder for a building later on, which actually needs to be repaired first, before you can use it.

Some general thoughts

For the moment I think I am making some good progress and having quite some fun the mechanics. But on the other hand I waste a lot of time in creating content like dev diaries. posting, marketing etc. I think about to outsource this much more and care a lot less about it. Unfortunately, it is very addictive to check recent analytics of my channels.